5 Points in Choosing the Right Credit Card for Your Lavish Lifestyle in Singapore

The thing about our times (and every other era, really) is that there is never enough money. I mean, we try to live within our means but we all know just how hard that is, especially when you are living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

As such, we have all kinds of loans to cover all kinds of expenses; reasonable and unreasonable, the most popular form being credit cards. They are handy, convenient and easy to access. Credit cards are offered by various lending institutions with a variety of options and offers so it can be a little confusing when it comes to choosing the best one for you. So, as with a budget, the best way to go about making this choice is by looking at your key expenditures as follows:


You need to choose a card that is reliable with regard to grocery shopping. You do need to eat, right? Credit card schemes function by charging you a fixed fee and then for every purchase made, you are refunded a fixed amount of money. These refunds are what make grocery shopping a lot more affordable. Just remember to pay your monthly bills on time to avoid penalty charges.


While you can try to aim for sales and offers, you will still need a credit card if you want to keep your hands out of your savings. This choice will depend on the kind of shopping you are looking to do; online shopping or retail shopping. You should look for a card that can reward you with points for every transaction or discounts off the final amount.


There are various cards that cater to your fancy dining needs and you can get one of them for those special nights out, or even just when you would rather not make a home-cooked meal or heat the TV dinner pack. Qualification here is a little harder than for other cards so when you are finally getting them, make sure to pick a card that provides offers and discounts that are applicable to you.


Whether for business or pleasure, you cannot afford to travel out of pocket all the time; you need an airline credit card to rescue your savings account. These cards provide discounts on future airline tickets; fantastic cash back offers and rebates.

Read the Fine Print

The thing about selecting any credit card is to make sure that you read between the lines regarding the penalties and monthly charges along with the benefits to make sure you are getting the best from your cards.


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